UNC-TV NC Community Colleges and CCCC

About a month or so ago, I was watching UNC-TV and they presented a segment on “North Carolina Community Colleges”. They highlight about 3 or 4 institutions per segment. There are 58 community colleges in North Carolina presently.

From the first episode, I learned that Isothermal Community College provides technical training for support at a large server farm. I didn’t recall that it was to support the local Facebook server complex.

Probably the next day, or so, at work, I thought to go look for the segment on Coastal Carolina Community College. I found the UNC-TV site, and started going down through the list. I made it to the end, and thought to myself that I had missed Coastal Carolina, so I started back through the list. Nope. No segment for Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, Onslow County, North Carolina. So, I thought it very strange that 57 out of 58 institutions were represented on the site. I also thought that maybe the UNC-TV staff had failed to list CCCC.

So, I sent an email to UNC-TV and asked if there was a reason why CCCC was not listed. I received an automated reply that I would be contacted shortly. I didn’t expect an immediate response because the Spring Fund Drive (whatever they call it) had just started and I thought that all the UNC-TV staff would be hard a work with the telethon. I also wrote to an executive secretary (apparently the wrong one) at Coastal Carolina asking the reason why they weren’t represented. I didn’t get a response back from either of my emails.

So, today, a little over a month after my first email inquiries, I thought to send another set of emails. UNC-TV responded later and said that Coastal Carolina Community College was the only institution that had not agreed to have a video segment, that they didn’t know why, and that I might contact CCCC for the reason. I found the email list of CCCC employees/staff/admin and finally found the person I should have asked previously. I was only contacting “executive secretaries” at this point.

But, later the PIO responded via email. Apparently there had been a scheduling conflict last summer (2013) when the video was scheduled to be made for Coastal.

My response was that if there was ever another opportunity like this, maybe hand off the task to some underling. Better to be represented, half-way, than not at all. And, if 57 out of 58 community colleges made the time for this, surely Coastal Carolina could have worked out the scheduling for this.

I’ve watched UNC-TV for over 40 years, and I know that it is a powerful communication’s tool. I don’t really care that Isothermal Community College is training networking techs to work at a large, local, Facebook server farm, but I do care about Coastal, even if I never plan to take another course there. It is touching base with my roots.

Obituary: Capt. J.D. Roberson Dies at Ocilla


Captain J. D. Roberson (Robeson), well-known citizen and prominently connected in this and Irwin County, died at the home of Mr. D. R. Henderson, his brother-in-law, at Ocilla yesterday, following an illness of several years. His death however; at this time coming as a severe shock to his many friends.
For many years Captain Roberson was in charge of one of the boats that plied up and down the Ocmulgee river during which time he was married to Miss Mattie Dorminy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Dorminy, during the past several years he has made his home in Asheville, N. C.
His trip to South Georgia was to include a visit to his relatives in this vicinity as well as a business trip to Bainbridge, from which place he moved to Asheville.
Funeral services were conducted at Ocilla this afternoon.

[ THE FITZGERALD HERALD Tuesday July 3, 1923 ]

Obituary: Jefferson D. Roberson


The death of Captain J. D. Roberson (Robeson) late of Asheville, N.C., occurred rather suddenly on Monday afternoon at the home of his brother-in-law Mr. D. R. Henderson in Ocilla whose family he was visiting in company with his wife and grandchildren. He was slightly ailing from Friday but no serious outcome was apprehended until the last few hours.
Captain Roberson was sixty-three years of age and until a stroke of paralysis he suffered ten years ago, had been a particularly hale and hearty man of large physique and most commanding appearance. He followed the calling of a steamboat captain for many years and was plying on the Ocmulgee River at the time he married his wife who was Miss Mattie Dorminey at that time making her home with her parents the late Mr. and Mrs. Dorminey on their plantation on the river.
After marriage the couple resided in Dublin, at Bainbridge and at Quincey Fla. One daughter Mrs. Mary Eliza Correy with her two children Martha and Billie have been living with them for several years in Asheville, N. C. where they all moved in the interest of Mrs. Correy’s health. She is their only child. In January 1922 Mr. A. D. Corry, their son-in-law died in Quincey, Fla. where his business interests had kept him most of the time. This shock and loss gave Mrs. Correy a freat setback in her health and at the present time it was not thought prudent for her to come to her father’s funeral.
Mr. Roberson was the only survivor of his immediate parental family at the time of his death. His youth was spent in and about Tarhill and Fayettesville, N. C.
The funeral services were conducted in Ocilla with his former Bainbridge friend, Rev. Whitley Langston officiating. Rev. Langston who was a near negihbor and a good friend of Captain Roberson for two eyars in Bainbridge paid a splendid tribute to the noble qualities of Mr. Roberson’s character and his superior mental gifts and business ability. He set forth the commendable traits that were in evidence as a husband, a father, a citizen and a church member. In none had he been found wanting. His message was of particular cheer and comfort to the bereaved widow.
The services were attended by the large connection and friends of his wife’s people the Dorminey’s Interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery where Mrs. Roberson’s parents are buried.


Texas, the Second Lone Star State

I think it could be argued that the Texas state flag was the result of a near sighted, dyslexic North Carolinian that travelled westward. Why? The North Carolina flag only has one star. Flip the red & white colors of the NC flag and you have the Texas flag. Make the star bigger (because you found the NC star harder to see), and remove any writing (I guess an explanation is unnecessary.).

The flags are pretty darned similar.

Living Vicariously;-)

Alessandro Crugnola


Several years ago, I think I came across his web site (used to have a green python as part of the background) because of some Flash games, or items he had posted there. But, I really liked looking at the pictures he posted of he and his buddies. They would go out drinking, or travel somewhere “exotic”, and there would be attractive girls/women around them. I never knew if all were friends, or some were relatives, but it seemed like a wonderful life. I had no desire to live his life, but it was interesting.

Well, I forgot about them until this morning. I’m not sure why I thought of them, but I remembered how much fun it was to look at the world through their eyes. I knew he was an Italian computer programmer, and then I knew Flash had to do something with it. I remembered the name Alejandro, although I didn’t know how to spell it. I later saw a female spelling and that got me to where I needed to go “Alessandro”. I looked on Google and the Flickr and eventually I found one new picture of him in profile. When I saw the Twitter info, I knew I had found him. It was good to see the crew… a little older.

My eportfolio.


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