Have you ever used Evernote? I wonder if most fac/staff know about it. It’s like Microsoft OneNote, but online and free. Accessible from any computer, of course.


Melissa Miller, Ph.D.


Thanks Melissa!

This app could be addictively useful.  A free account with 40 MB of usage per month.  It has a web (browser) interface, an installable app on your laptop or PC (that syncs will all the other media) and if you have Internet capabilities on your phone, you can throw away those little slips of paper you wrote your grocery list upon.

The PC app install can add an Evernote icon to your browsers, so if you are on a web page and want to drag and copy a bit of text or a photo and have a link back to it in an Evernote, then it’s quick and easy.

You can create separate “Notebooks” to categorize your posted notes. e.g. Food, Project, Technical, How to…, etc.

Post It Note on Evernote via cellphone
Post It Note on Evernote via cellphone

*Above.  I took a picture of the PostIt Note instructions and uploaded that image to my Evernote site.  I then logged into my Evernote site via my phone and opened that image.  I’ve got the instructions wherever I have cell access.

Here is a Jing presentation that I created while on the EVERNOTE site showing some of the interface and features:  http://screencast.com/t/MWQ4YjNkNTA