The “Poor Man’s” File Converter.

I just had a professor contact me and he had the following problem: Some of his students did not have Word 2007, so they could not open DOCX files, of which he had many on his Blackboard course site.

I googled and went to the MS Office web site hoping to find a free utility with which to read DOCX files (if you were still using an older version of Word). Nothing jumped out at me readily, and then I thought of an alternative way to solve this problem (for free).

If you already have a Google account, then you may have already used their “Google Docs” online application. If you log into Google Docs, you can upload a DOCX file and it will convert the file into a readable online form. If you need to export the file, there are several format options.

Hope this works for you, if you have a similar problem.

Bill (x1920)