Chicken – Chipotle Soup

This is a very simple soup, but I knew the first time that I had it that it would be something I would fix again and again.

— A couple of cans of chicken stock.

— Some diced chicken (boneless)

— Two or three chipotle peppers (wash off the adobo sauce)

— Several slices of avocado (per person).

Perhaps a little oil in the pot to start browning the chicken.  Throw in the chipotle peppers and mix with the chicken, but try not to break the peppers (some will even want to remove the peppers before serving, but I like them).  Once browned, pour in the chicken stock and heat to a boil.

Once you’re sure the chicken is cooked through and the stock is piping hot, you can remove from the heat and remove the chipotle peppers (if desired). 

Slice the avocado into bite sized pieces and put in separate serving bowls.  Pour in the soup and serve quickly.  The avocadoes will start to break down quickly.  The heat of the stock and the chipotle peppers is offset by the cool butteriness of the avocado.