Curry Remoulade

I had this condiment served with a crabcake sandwich and fries at the Water’s Edge restaurant (Shem Creek

) in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Charleston, SC.  It impressed mepataks_curry_paste so that I

came home and tried to replicate it.

I may be wrong in the three ingredients, but this satisfies my memory:

Mayonnaise, curry paste and small capers.

13902137229_1490100ebe_zI buy an 8 oz. jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise and take out a couple of tablespoons to make room for adding back, 1 teaspoon (to taste) of curry paste (Patak’s) and a couple of spoonfuls of small capers.  I then use a stick blender to mix the ingredients in the jar.  Refrigerate.

I think the flavor works well with many sandwich meats and seafood.14065646596_c44d0e68f7_z