Build Your Own “Brightboard” – The Arrival

USPS attempted to deliver the package at 1:45 pm on Tuesday, the 29th September.  I had placed the order on the 23rd.  Notice said that I could pick the package up at my local Post Office after 8:30 am the next day, Wednesday.  No problem.

The first thing I noted was that the Bluetooth USB bud was difficult to remove from the USB port, because it was so small.  I used a paper clip to get leverage on one side and it slipped out relatively easily.  Would suggest getting the larger Bluetooth USB adapter unless they come up with a slick/inexpensive tab to attach to the bud to make removal easier.  *I had a USB cable extender, so I put the bud in one end of that cable.  Easier to get my fingers around the bud when it’s not butting up against the PC/laptop.

Install of Bluetooth USB bud drivers was simple.  I think it picked up an office workers phone in the process.

The rechargable battery had to be plugged into the pen tablet.  There is a remote Wireless Tablet Battery Status icon on the Taskbar.  I’m not sure if the battery is not charging, or perhaps has to charge fully once before this start working.  However, I have had enough power to test the tablet out from across the room (probably 25 feet) and it is working fine.

The 6×8 inch pen tablet is a good size to hold and to carry around.  It is light, but sturdy and has an alcove to place the pen so that you don’t have to hold the pen when you’re not using it.  Not sure you shouldn’t have a lanyard for the wireless mouse.

About 3 years ago, I started asking if I could get a 32″ monitor (TV for PC).  Of course they asked me to justify why I should get one, and I just didn’t have the energy to come up with some good reasons.  It became an office joke for a while, and then I forgot to keep asking.

I did however, buy a cheap Westinghouse 32″ tv, for the purpose, but have not followed through and brought it to the office.  *Security would be one issue.  I want to be able to lock it down so that thieves would have to destroy it before walking out with the pieces.

I think the Brightboard is going to give me the excuse to bring the 32″ tv in and hook everything up.  I have not done PC training for several years, but having the large flat-screen tv on one wall would be nice for a small group (3 faculty/staff + instructor) and use my office instead of having to go to the training lab.

Oooh!  Oooh!  I just looked at the battery status light on the tablet is now green, which means fully charged.


**Just sent two suggestions on the pen tablet to the Technical Support for Wacom:

2 Suggestions:

Provide a small ring on the wireless mouse (EC-130-1T) so that a lanyard can be easily clipped to it.  That way, a presenter/instructor can walk around with the mouse dangling around their neck while they are using the tablet.  When they need the mouse, it is just about in the correct positon to be placed on the tablet.

In the tablet setup software, allow the option for the tablet to be rotated so that it can be held like a book, or completely upside down so that the two programmable buttons are at the bottom.



ADDENDUM (03/18/14):  The Wacom Pen Tablet never lived up to my expectations.  I eventually sold it to “Stone” for $35.  He probably sold it for twice that to someone he knew.

I had tried to use it to create training videos like those used on Khan Academy, but it would probably take a bigger tablet, and much, much, much more practice writing with the tablet.