How to ‘Spiff Up’ Your Presentations for FREE!


Created using various free elements...

Here are a couple of ways to make your presentations (especially PowerPoint or Word) more effective, for free:

Use images to illustrate what you are saying in your document.

Picture1· Clip Art – Free Images, Photos, and Sounds – Microsoft Office Online


You can add a background image to PowerPoint slides. You have an almost endless supply of possible backgrounds by looking through the photos posted to Flickr or Picasa. *Remember to get permission from the image owner.

Use fonts (type faces) for effect.

Have you ever seen words written in a certain font, that immediately gave you a “mental image”? Some faculty may discourage this, but for those that appreciate that extra ounce of creativity…, a paper, or chapter heading written in a special font that “turns the viewers attention to the coming subject” is a nice touch.

Google for “free truetype fonts”: