How To Install WordPress MU In Windows Localhost (With XAMPP)

Why might you want to install the multi-user version of WordPress if you’re not a Sys Admin?  Well, I would suggest that the WordPress application is perhaps the easiest way to organize information, including various media such as audio, video, PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, Acrobat Reader files, text, etc. currently available.  Strong statement, strong app!

Installing WPMU to your laptop, or PC, gives you a powerful organizational tool for collecting, presenting and retrieving information easily.  You could create a site for each course you are taking during a semester, or for each project or paper on which you are working and then start adding materials.  Tag and categorize them as you go, and use the “Search” functionality when necessary.

And, it is very easy to export the text content of a site via Tools –> Export.  A single XML file is created.  You could save this elsewhere as a backup, or share it with another student to  import into their system.  *I do not have a clear way of sharing all the media files that are collected in a site (unless you are actually hosted on the Internet), but I will either think of a way, or someone else will provide a plugin or way.

Perhaps you are looking at the “textbook of the future.”  The way to share related information in a concise form, easily.

So, “feeling froggy?”  Why not visit the URL below and see if you can have a successful install of WPMU. 

How To Install WordPress MU In Windows Localhost (With XAMPP)

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