Will you take care of my digital presence when I’m gone?

It is so easy for a digital presence to be wiped out, and become totally unrecoverable.  But, I’m beginning to see that developing a digital presence is much like any other human activity.  We are born alone, and die alone, and we struggle to be heard during the journey.

A blog site, especially one developed with an application such as WordPress , can become quite reflective of the person who owns it.  There are words, both written and spoken, images, still and in motion, and we leave behind items that must have been important to us at some point, but may be discarded later.  We can choose which facets of our personalities to show to the public, and which to keep private, and sometime we might show our private selves, when it would be best to keep silent.

I have on my coffee table my mother’s high school diploma.  The paper stained and brittle.  It has the words, “Swansboro High School” in large letters arcing like a rainbow.