BK ReplacEm, a text replacement utility.

I have used the little text replacement utility, BK ReplacEm, for quite a few years now.  Not so much in the last year, since we have integrated/automated our Banner (Student Information System) and Blackboard (CMS), but it was indispensible for several years.

Before the Integration, I had to generate an student enrollment file for placing all students in all courses within our Blackboard System.  The file was quite large and “cleaning it up” was necessary before running it through Bb. 

MS Word was useless in dealing with this file.  It would bog down and fail to complete the process when I attempted the “search/replace” function.  But, BK ReplacEm quite often would complete the process so quickly that I was unaware that it was through.

The utility also offered a powerful variable text/phrase replacement function that meant it could work miracles when searching for variable length or content strings and then performing replacement.  And, you could point it to more than one file at a time.

I just noticed that BK ReplacEm is now called “Replace Text” and you can download it to use “freely” at    http://www.ecobyte.com/replacetext/ .

*I copied the groups.bkg file from my BK ReplacEm folder into the newly created Replace Text folder.  My groups came over without a problem, and I ran one of them and it worked just as always.

**Bill Klein created a “paper clip” utility, not showy, but useful in a small way, over and over again to many people.  Thanks!