A conference presenter pointed out this site. I visited the site, signed up for a free account, and then went about the task of creating a cartoon alter-ego (me) and then developing a few cartoon scenarios in which I was the star (or at least a willing participant).

In the animation (shown left), I talk on the phone (using my real voice, which I created using Audacity, and then uploaded as an mp3 file), I have a laptop computer, which I got from the Microsoft Office digital clipart collection, and even have our CIO’s picture on the wall behind me, and above the sofa.

The interface is easy to use. The actors have a set of pre-programmed actions and movements, so you don’t have to figure out how to make them sit, walk, run or talk.

Animation has “attention grabbing” capabilities, but this would also be perfect for young people to express themselves in a less threatening way. You could have them create situations for the actors and then develop to a finished presentation to be shared.

Click on the animation photo to go view it on GoAnimate, and then try it yourself.