Prezi Examples:

Prezi Zebra Menu

Prezi offers a creative way to think about and present concepts and relationships.  This is an alternative to the linear approach of a PowerPoint presentation.

There is a free educational account for students & instructors, currently called “Edu Joy“.  It was extremely easy to sign up for this account (if you have an educational email address).

The learning curve is extremely low and there is very little more to the user interface than the bubble menu shown below, and the zebra menu, which controls an object’s location (x,y, size & rotation).  You are basically working on a large canvas, adding text and items (images, videos, PDFs & Word documents) and controlling the relative importance of each by increasing or decreasing their size in relationship to the other objects.

Finally, you create the flow of the presentation by creating the presentation “path”.  This is done by selecting the various objects that you want to take prescedence on the stage (slide window ), in order, from1, 2, 3, … to x (the last item).  The presentation can then be automated or the viewer can step manually through it.  It is also easy to step outside the path at any point by clicking on any visible item, which will cause that item to take prescedence upon the stage.

Prezi Bubble Menu