Jing / Screencast – Screen Capture

JING is a free screencapture (still images and video w/audio) utility from TechSmith (Camtasia, Snagit).  You get the utility, 2 GB of storage on Screencast.com and limited bandwidth each month for free.  Upgrading to Pro for $14.95 per year gives you 25 GB and 250 MB per month bandwidth.  Pro also gives you some added options (to save video in either SWF or MPEG formats).

On Screencast, you can create public, hidden, password protected and authenticated folders.  An authenticated folder requires the viewer to have a Screencast account and login with it.

Sharing images or videos is easy.  You can cut-n-paste a short URL into your email, or link on a web page, or embed the image or video in a page by pasting the code.

Start Jing and a little yellow sun icon appears at the edge of your monitor window.  Click on it when you want to capture an item, check your history, and/or change some program options.

Selecting the capture area is easy.  Either click and drag the cursor to create a capture window, or click if the selected viewing window is highlighted already.

[Screenr.com provides similar video capture from your PC screen but requires a Twitter account.]