iPad Ho Hum…

I had been wanting to meet this really pretty woman for some time.  The other day I finally got the chance and boy, “What a disappointment.”  Up close, I could see she was growing a fine moustache.  She constantly sucked on her teeth.  And, the more we talked, the less she knew.

Now, the truth is that there was no “pretty woman,” and those that know me, or have seen me lately know that any woman, let alone a pretty woman, even with a moustache, would be pretty unthinkable.   But, I wanted to use this analogy regarding me and my recent intercourse with the Apple iPad.  When I found that I was going to get one for testing purposes, my heart “jumped for joy.”  I had looked at most of the 2 hours of unveiling that Steve Jobs had presented via various hosts, and the thought of having an extremely portable web device nearby 24/7 “got my juices going.”

I have had an iPad for just shy of 1 week now, and have already begun to see its moustache and experience its “basic lack”.  But then, I’m no longer sure of what I should have expected.

It doesn’t support Flash.  And, according to an article I read by Steve Jobs, there is no need for Flash support.

Having lived mostly in the PC world for many of my years, going to a myriad of web sites just to find that the iPad or mobile Safari, or the lack of an app, will not let me experience the world that I’ve become accustomed to makes me begin to feel like Matthew McConaughey’s character in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.  I can hardly wait to drop her.

Okay, if I’m going to seriously use the iPad for wordprocessing, then I’m going to need to hook it up to a keyboard. *I do want to test out a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (both for the iPad and the Android).  You would think with the iPad’s increased size and relatively large onscreen keyboard, that typing would be easy.  Then you realize that a touch typist relies on just that, “touch,” and a smooth surface provides no touch, not even a blip for a starting point and it’s not a full-sized keyboard so even “faking it” won’t work.  I was forced to “hunt & peck” again.

Some of the Web 2.0 technologies that I have been recently using don’t have a chance with the iPad:  Prezi and USTREAM.

I’ll write (and re-write) more, but I’m going home now.