Stephen Gates, Emily Caveness, Carl Fox

“Hit and Run” vs “Hit or Run”?

I never quite understood the logic behind “cutting a deal” with the actual driver of the SUV, Emily Caveness, in exchange for her testimony against the person that drove her away from the scene of the accident.  If she wasn’t guilty of “hit and run” and the DA knew she was the driver, at the time of the accident, then isn’t that faulty “law logic” to pursue anyone else?  What was Rabah Samara going to be charged with?

What is/was the occupation of Emily Caveness’ father?  She was from Wilkesboro, NC.

District Attorney Carl Fox

“… Orange County District Attorney Carl R. Fox has been appointed to the Superior Court bench by North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley. He’ll serve the Chatham and Orange counties….

… The judgeship was created by the General Assembly in 2004. Fox, 51, of Chapel Hill, has been a prosecutor for the two Triangle counties for more than 25 years…”  Jet, April 4, 2005