An Example of False Advertising on the Web


I have seen this same ad run on the WRAL web site and now I see it on the News and Observer site. However, I see that the company now “hard codes” the city/state into the ad on the server side. When I was looking at it on the WRAL site, you could view the javascript coding that would make the city/state change depending upon where the web viewer was located.

I was on the N&O site and recognized this false ad:

So, if you were in Fayetteville, NC, “Kelly Richards” was from Fayetteville, NC. However, if you were viewing from Stark, Florida, then Kelly Richards was from Stark, Florida… and since I was playing with a smartphone that was registered, apparently in Stark, Florida, I could see that Kelly Richards was a mom from two drastically distant areas at the same time.

Here is a photo from my web browser in Fayetteville,


and also from my HTC Hero phone at the same time.