Using QR Codes for Political Mailouts, etc.

Richard Burr Committee Contact - QR Code Image If you want to make it really easy for people with smartphones to import your contact info, including phone numbers, email addresses and a URL to your web site, you should include a “QR Code” on your mailers and print ads in magazines (they could be used in other places as well, all sorts of promotional items).

I visited your site and copied some pertinent info into an online form for creating free QR Code images. This is what it produced and the images of my HTC Hero (Android) phone show how easily the barcode reading app imported the data.

Scan the QR Code image with your smartphone for more information.

Contact info easily imported into the phone.


A QR Code image can also contain all the pertinent info for a “calendar event” including: event title, location, date/time, and memo – phone number, link to web page.  Someone that wanted to add an event to their calendar would just need to scan the image and click on “Add to Calendar”.