Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

I had a very enjoyable lunch at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant in Fayetteville yesterday. Apparently, I had not eaten there in about a year because there was now a large expansion area which provided perhaps an additional 90 seats. This area was filled with a large group of people, as was another hidden (to me) area, around the corner, from which a large number of camouflaged soldiers eventually came filing past my small booth.

I had the Italian Sausage and Rotini, a House Salad w/ Ranch dressing, sweet tea and bread. The waitress mixed oil and spices for dipping the bread. There was also oil & balsamic vinegar on the table, which I used to extend the dipping sauce.

The salad was fresh and the tomatoes had good flavor. The saltiness of the dressing added to the pleasure. But, it was the main course that was most pleasing. It’s the sauce, the sauce, the sauce. The sauce had a little heat, and was flavorful. There were flavorful peppers amongst the sauce and rotini. The sausage had good flavor.

Near the end of my meal, one of the owners, dressed in chef’s white, came by my table and we began a dialogue. I noted mild perspiration upon his face as if he had just come from battle, which is how one looks after cooking for a large number of guests. I asked if “they” had ever had a location in Jacksonville, NC (where I am from originally) to which he replied, “No.” I asked about the additional area and was told it had been added September of last year. *They have a large parking area in the rear.

I suppose that he was one of the surviving family from the tragedy that occurred shortly before I came to Fayetteville in 1995. In 1993 a “disturbed” soldier killed several people, including the owners, and wounded many others. As he did so, he ranted regarding, then President Clinton, allowing “gays in the military.”

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is being dropped this year and will allow homosexuals to serve openly. I’m not sure that will fly in the face of the macho military establishment, although some civilian politicos think they are doing right. If I were gay, and in the military, I’m still guessing that “Don’t Tell” would still be the best policy.

Amazing how things change. When mom was dying in 1980, if you said that, “being gay, was an ‘alternate lifestyle,'” you would have gotten a smirk from most, with a “yeah, right.” Now if you speak against homosexuals, you might be charged with a “hate crime.” Well, it’s still not right, and if you pay attention and file away the various incidents, it doesn’t matter if a U.S. Senator says it’s okay… read the Bible.