A List of Things

List of things I want to recall regarding my childhood:

  • Making things from the gray clay from the ditch bank at the back of the old home place (corner Queens Creek Road and Hwy. 24).
    • Crayfish & mounds
  • Creating fighting contests between weeds.
  • Oak acorns
  • Globus stamp album
  • Old tobacco packhouse in the early morning sun.
  • Yellow water pump with cold, iron rust water by the tobacco barn.
  • Glen’s Landing and Matthews’ Fish House at Queens Creek.
  • Clyde Phillips’ Seafood House in Swansboro
  • Maola Milk Plant in New Bern
  • Getting a Tonka Cement Mixer from Palo Alto
    • I think my truck was yellow with a white plastic drum.
  • Things in the Toy Room (upstairs in the old home place)
  • Description of the old home place inside and out
  • The Golden Book Encyclopedias
    • I got a set of these for $10 (16 encyclopedias & 5/6 atlas) from Alabama.  It cost $17 to ship them to me;-)