Pontiac Pointe

The last time I was in Albemarle, NC, I noted that the old Pontiac automobile dealership location, near downtown, had been converted into a “trendy” restaurant. I thought I might try it sometime. I got online and found the website for Pontiac Pointe Restaurant. I stopped by for lunch this past Sunday, shortly before noon. It was dark inside, but the “Open” sign was on, Pontiac Pointe Restaurant - Albemarle, NCand as I entered, I saw one waitress and no guests inside. I asked, “Do you serve lunch,” to which she replied, “yes.” I sat at a table toward the back of the restaurant.

I opened the menu and almost immediately noted that it was basically appetizers, sandwiches and soup. I didn’t recall what I had seen on the online menu, but began to guess that I might have decided that the place wasn’t worth a try, and had just forgotten to “mark the place off” more strongly. I ordered a Pimento Cheese sandwich and the Tomato Bisque soup. I asked the waitress if they made their own Pimento cheese, to which she affirmed that they did.

As the waitress left to turn in my order, I took my iPad and headed to the bathroom. The toilet paper was out, although there were two rolls still in their paper wrappers. The toilet seat however, was a little less than pristine. Not quite feces, but something that didn’t look clean, so I walked out of the stall and got several paper towels, one of which I wet. Took them back in and wiped the seat with the wet towel and then dried with the others.

Unfortunately, when the sandwich arrived, I found that it had been grilled. Hmmm… a hot, pimento cheese sandwich. I liked the flavor and texture of the pimento cheese, but I just do not like it as a hot sandwich. I don’t recall, I may have had a hot, pimento cheese sandwich somewhere before, but I can definitely say now, ” I do not like a hot, pimento cheese sandwich!” The slice of dill pickle was good, and the iced tea was very sweet, the way I like it.

The tomato bisque soup was nothing special. It wasn’t flavorless, or bad. It just wasn’t special, but it was hot.

I had noted a sign outside that said they had WIFI, so I brought in my iPad so that I could look at some maps of where I was and what might be fun to go see. I didn’t get a connection signal. I asked the waitress if their WIFI was running and she thought it was, but checked with a young man, whom I guessed was the manager. He went upstairs and came back down letting me know he had reset the WIFI, and that was about all he knew how to do. *Hey, I’m a tech, and quite often, that is all you need to do or can do to get some equipment or application running again. But, it didn’t work. No signal, and apparently the building gave me “no bars” for my Hero.

As I was leaving, I kept my iPad running to see if I could get a signal, as I headed out the door. No go… until. I had parked in the back, which was almost a building length from the actual building. A few feet from my truck, viola… a “Pontiac Pointe” WIFI signal appeared. After I got into the truck, I connected and proceeded to pull up a map of the area and look for other things. My experience inside would have been a little better if I hadn’t sat in “the dead zone.”

I went on their web site again this morning and looked at the menu. Apparently, all the good stuff must be prepared only for dinner. Way more than just sandwiches and soup. Still, I don’t think I will try it again.