A Little Reflection


Many years ago, in computer time, I sat down at a computer and began to play a game. The game was basically a journey. Everyone started at the same location, but the game gave you options of where you wanted to go next and options of what you did at each location along the way. So the game became very personal and yet potentially different for everyone. Learning how to ask the right questions became important, as to what you needed to do, or where you should go next. The only two things, for sure, was that everyone started at the same place and eventually everyone, who successfully completed the game, ended up at the same place.

Where are we going?


Everyone has to start somewhere, but, we all do not have to start at the same place.


Along the way, you pick up tools and learn to use them to further you along your journey.

What are some of the tools that you might want to pick up along the way?

One tool might be the ability to use a “blog” to record your journey, and share your thoughts along the way. Not only can a blog be a communication tool from the one, to the many, but by allowing “comments” in your blog, the many, one at a time, can ask questions or make comments to what you are saying. Their comments can help hone your communications skills, to help make you a better communicator.

A question you might ask yourself is, “Do I communicate better by the written word, the spoken word, creating a video or a combination of one or more of these.” If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” would it be better for me to type 500 words and provide a couple of images to illustrate what I am trying to communicate, or just type 2500 words?

If the normal “frame rate” of a video is 30 frames per second (fps), then 10 seconds of video should be worth about… yep, 300,000 words. Unfortunately, a poor script, visual composition, lighting, etc. can make the word value of a video far less.

Everyone becomes a producer. Production involves collaboration. Communication involves multi-media, and communication potentially can be 24/7 and “worldwide,” even if the world includes other planets.

The tools we are going to use to communicate, both for production, consumption and responding to others are going to get smaller and become more ubiquitous.

So, I want to be able to take out my phone (smartdevice) and create video, still images, audio and text and easily make “the best combination” of these available to one or many to communicate or share my thoughts and ideas.

Is any one tool going to give me the ability to communicate? Probably not. In the world we live in, in the world we will live in, we will need to have the ability to adapt to change. As tools change, we should be able to decide which new tools are going to be important, and have the ability to learn how to use them, either by being “taught” how to use them, or becoming “self-taught.”

My time is important, and so is my energy. I have a limited amount of both. But, being able to rest and renew, to remember and rethink are also important. Remember, it is a journey we are on. Sometimes we must walk alone, often we share the journey. Knowing when to walk away from the crowd, to follow that distinctive path that only we can travel, is part of Wisdom. Sometimes stopping is wise, even though we see others walking on.

Knowing how and when to share is part of Love.