Creating My First Android App

Using Google App Inventor (beta)

It seems to have been almost 2 months since I first put in a request to test out the App Inventor. Since then, I have returned and probably filled out the form a couple of more times. Notice came in my email about a week ago, and I didn’t have time to start “fiddling.”

You need to download some App Inventor extras to your PC or laptop, which include some phone drivers. You have to have Java version 6 installed on your PC. The App Inventor application is actually hosted on the Google site, and you have to follow some simple instructions for setting your phone up before beginning to create your first application.

I did have a problem with the image and sound files not loading to my phone until I tried a different connection setting (for the HTC Hero, I set it the “HTC Sync” mode). After that, the files loaded without a problem and I started having some simple fun.

Following is my first successful attempt at creating a simple Android app and installing it on my HTC Hero phone. After you have your app created, there is an option to download it by first scanning a QR code image and then clicking on the URL to download the app .apk file. Once it is downloaded, you just click on the file and go through the app install process. Once that was successfully completed, I went to the apps area and found what was called “HelloPurr,” which was something of a misnomer because I didn’t use the picture of the kitty or the mp3 file which was a meow sound.

I recorded an mp3 of me saying “Hello, I’m Bill,” and added a picture of me when I was 50 years old. The original program was to have you click on the button which was the image of a cat, and it would meow for you. On my version, you click on my picture and I say, “Hello, I’m Bill.” I also found that the logic was simple for me to add a “close app” button, and to have the screen name appear as “Hello App.”



Below is the Android Blocks Editor where you go to create the logic paths for your app.

Difficult to see, but HelloPurr app is left of HIFICORDER, which has the large red dot.

Tap on my picture and I greet you.