Say Rabbit for Good Luck.

Say Rabbit

I had forgotten about my mother and how on the first day of the month, she would come into my room, or pass by my bed and tell me to say, “rabbit.” I might be asleep or still groggy as she was telling me to, “Say rabbit. Say rabbit. It’s the first of the month. Say ‘rabbit’ for good luck.”

As I grew older, I would say something else like “cow” or “dog.”

I had not heard anyone mention this until several years ago, Robin Roberts, a black morning TV show anchor was talking about growing up and that her father would tell them to “say rabbit.” She grew up in Louisiana, I think. I also think she said that her father was an Air Force officer.

That was several years ago, but I just saw Robin Roberts on TV this morning and it reminded me of this, so I got online and googled and found that this was a British supersititon that may have appeared in the 1800’s, but the earliest they are aware of is the 1920’s.