Some of What Was Beach Music for Me

Some of this may not technically be considered Beach Music, but for me, growing up a mile from the North Carolina Coast in the 1960s & 70s, these were part of the mix:

Tell me that this wasn’t a surprise.  I always thought that this was a black group.  As I listened to the YouTube video the first time, I thought, “Now these guys could have been from North Carolina,” and then I found that they were from NC.  *”Girl Watcher” may be my No. 1 pick for Carolina “Beach Music,” although “My Girl”, “May I”, or “Up on the Roof”, are all close challengers.

So, this reminded me of WMBL 740 AM radio station from Morehead City, NC.  Craig Webber, Jay Cobb, and Duke Roberts were some of the DJs that I listened to in the late 60’s and early ’70’s.

*I lived in Hubert, NC with my ‘Aunt Sis’ (Carrie Kellum) and attended Swansboro High School (the one on Hwy. 24).  The “love of my life” was Debbie.  She lived in Cape Carteret.  There was just “Cape ‘C’ Shopworth” there at the time.  A convenience store.

I recall on one date, I drove from Hubert to Cape Carteret and picked Debbie up.  We drove all the way back to Jacksonville (which is about the same distance, in the opposite direction from her house) to see what was going on… only to decide to drive to Morehead City and see a movie there.  I’m thinking we might have seen Barbara Striesand in “Funny Girl.”  The movie Old movie theater in Morehead City, NCtheatre was new then, and still exists today, but not as a movie theatre.  *Debbie was a GREAT kisser!”