Clark’s Restaurant Redux

On my Columbia, SC quick-trip last weekend, I returned via Santee, SC and stopped at Clark’s Restaurant before heading up I95 to Fayetteville.

I was seated at a table for two.  To my left and behind me they had opened the curtains which revealed a large double door and although it was late in the day, the light from outside still was distracting from the darkened dining room.

I ordered the Shrimp & Grits, with tea, and for my two “sides” I ordered a baked sweet potato (especially mentioning that I would like sour cream with that) and dirty rice (I think.).

When the entree arrived, there was a large bowl of grits on which were sliced Kielbasa sausage, shrimp and green bell pepper slices.  The waiter went away and a short time later came by close enough for me to ask about my two sides.  He at first started to say that because of the large portion of shrimp & grits, that the meal didn’t come with sides.  I provided my quizzical look, and although slower than in my earlier days, began to ask about why he hadn’t said something when I had asked about the baked sweet potato with sour cream.  The waiter left for the kitchen and soon returned with the two sides, saying something about having left them on the serving shelf.

I had several times heard my waiter tell both me and another customer that the “Soup of the Day” was a roasted red pepper bisque.  I thought this was odd since another female waitress told two other customers that the soup was a tomato bisque.  I heard my waiter later tell another customer that the soup “tasted like” roasted red peppers.

For about $21.95, I got a large bowl of grits.  The flavor was good, but a good value would have been half the grits for about $5 less.  There is no way that anyone would feel good about taking home a large amount of “left over” grits, having probably eaten the sausage, shrimp and peppers.