King’s Pizza in Latta, SC


I was driving into Latta on Hwy 501, up from Marion this morning shortly before noon. I saw a restaurant on the left.

It was the patrol cars all lined up that made me think this place must be good.

The patrolmen were seated in another room and left before I finished my meal. There were a few customers. As I ate, I noticed that there were Egyptian figurines about the place.


I ordered the Mini Pizza with a House Salad. This came with sweet tea, which was good. The honey mustard dressing was sweet. It reminded me of the honey mustard dressing which used to be served at Tony’s Pizza in Fayetteville (before Tim was killed). The salad had large chunks of ice berg lettuce. The tomatoes had some flavor, although it was too early in the season for local varieties.

I ordered the House Special Mini Pizza which included several meats. When it arrived, it looked good. It also tasted good.


I ate three slices of the pizza and asked the waitress for a small carry out box.

The waitress was an attractive young woman with what appeared to be a guileless personality.