Rainbow Gift Certificates

I got a surprise in the mail the other day. Jeff & Robin had sent me a couple of Rainbow Restaurant Gift Certificates. I suppose that these were a part of Robin’s End of Year Gift Basket from Village Christian Academy.

I used the first certificate to purchase a special breakfast.

Rainbow Restaurant Breakfast Special - Get there before 8am.

The Rainbo has a daily breakfast special that is under $5, if you get there before 8am. *The special is two eggs, meat (bacon, link sausage), grits/potatoes/rice, white/wheat toast or biscuit, and coffee.

This is corned beef hash, two eggs over medium, sliced tomato, sautéed onion, a biscuit and coffee… and a $10 gift certificate.

A biscuit at the Rainbow Restaurant.

Inside the Rainbow Restaurant.

Outside the Rainbow Restaurant.

Rainbo Menu 06082012 (06/08/2012)