Little Girl Lost


I stopped by the Raleigh Farmers’ Market this morning. There were some red tomatoes, and I tried a slice, and it had good flavor so I bought 3 medium sized. I saw some white radishes at Lees Produce which looked good. I took out my knife and sliced off a small amount of one that was already broken and it had a good mild flavor. *I just tried one that I bought and it was very hot. I also bought a small bunch of fresh basil for $2.

The radishes had tall tops which were beginning to look old and blanched out. They did not look appetizing, so I decided to cut them off. I walked over to a trash can that was in the middle of the walkway and pulled out my knife. As I started to cut off the tops, I felt a child wrap her arms around my left leg. It happened so fast, that I hardly had time to react. That’s not actually the case. I didn’t even look down to see who the child was. It just felt so natural, and I was totally aware that a child had mistaken me for their parent. I just continued to throw the radish tops away. I saw a woman that I thought was the child’s mother, and I looked down to see a little girl. I bent down and said to the girl, “I’m sorry, but I’m not your daddy,” and then I stood back up. I really did not look at the little girl’s face. As I stood up, I looked into a tall man’s face, thinking he was the child’s father. He looked back blankly. I then heard the little girl start to cry and realized that she had walked away from me a few steps and apparently had realized that she had lost her dad. As the girl cried, the woman, that I thought was her mother, walked up to the little girl asking if she had lost her father. About that time, the girl’s father walked up and took the little crying girl away.

I turned away and went over to buy some tomatoes. I then went to another stall and bought some fresh basil. But, I then thought that it would be cute if I could get a picture of the little girl and her dad, in case I wanted to tell this story.

I walked down a few stalls and saw the little girl and her dad. She had already stopped crying. I did not introduce myself, but just took a few pictures of them. *Her dad never even knew what had happened. I was the only one who was aware of the entire incident.

Now, couldn’t this be Bill from the back (except for the straight back)?  *I just noticed that the woman in blue, is the woman that asked the little girl if she had lost her daddy, and the tall man (apparently her husband) with the little boy on his shoulders, the tall man who looked blankly back at me.  He didn’t have the little boy on his shoulders when he looked at me.

I definitely see why the little girl would think that my leg was her dads;-)