The Urban Turban Bistro – Apex, NC

I was in Cary, NC for the week of May 23rd through May 27th, 2011 for SharePoint 2010 Training at the Comfort Suite on Ashville Dr. (near the hospital).  Training was over by 11am, and I was doing some last minute work for Blackboard, before leaving the hotel.  I was talking with Suzanne on the phone regarding some announcements that needed to be posted on both Blackboard systems, when she mentioned the Urban Turban on Hwy 55 near Apex.  Suzanne and her husband had visited the restaurant a few weeks prior and said that it had good food.

It was around 11:30 am when I left the hotel.  I put the Urban Turban into my phone’s GPS and found that it was only about 12 minutes away.   I hoped that I would be able to get to the restaurant before the “lunch rush” crowd.  The GPS talked me through my turns and I finally arrived in a strip mall.  I did not see the restaurant at first and began to curse the GPS for leading me astray.  As I drove deeper into the parking area, I finally saw the sign for the Urban Turban.

I went inside and was pleasantly surprised.  The walls were colorful and there was plenty of seating.  The buffet counter was serpentine, behind glass,  and wound from the cash register near the front door toward the back of the restaurant where the drink machine and bathrooms were located.  I recall that the order of items were salads, bread, humus, meat entrees, and soup.

As I filled my plate and bowl with selected items, other customers began to trickle into the establishment.  There was a woman, seated in front of me that had something to do with books & publishing.  Another woman and then a couple (man & woman) came in and joined the woman.  One had published a book.  I’m not sure what it was about, but it appeared as if it were a “self-published” tome.  (Maybe not.).  As the man talked, I noted that his right hand was deformed.  Their discussion centered around writing and writing experiences and suggestions.

The Urban Turban near Apex, NC on Hwy 55

I normally do not like hummus, but this was good.  I do not recall the meats that I selected, but they were good.  The bread and salads were delicious.  The soup was hot, but relatively tasteless.

Before I had finished my meal, most of the seats had been filled.  As I left, it had begun to rain and I walked briskly to my car.  I backed out of my parking space and turned the auto in the direction of the restaurant so that I could get a picture of the outside.  I flipped the switch for my sunroof to recede and took the picture quickly before the rain drenched me.

Urban Turban - Hwy 55 near Apex, NC

As I headed down US1 toward Pinehurst, dark, black clouds approached from my right.  There were several flashes of lightning and a brief bout of heavy rain, but it did not last long.  *When I arrived home, later that day, I saw several weather reports that said there had been a great amount of rain that had come through the Chapel Hill & Cary areas.