Turkish Cuisine Restaurant – Fayetteville, NC

I picked up a copy of City View a few days ago and was looking through it yesterday morning as I ate breakfast at the Rainbow.  I saw a couple pages article regarding the Turkish Cuisine (formerly Turkish Grill) Restaurant on Yadkin Road.  I decided to try it for a late lunch.  I parked beside the building a little after 2pm.

The restaurant is in a strip mall, also with an Asian and a Vietnamese restaurant.  There is little or no “ambience” to the establishment, and if there is one drawback, this is it.  However, the food that I was served and ate joyously was delicious.

Doner Kebab Plate, with yellow rice, bread, a Greek salad and sweet tea.

There was a generous amount of Greek salad, yellow rice and slices of the beef/lamb.  5 large Kalamata olives, with pits, graced the Greek salad.

If other items on the menu are as delicious, I would suggest overlooking the lack of ambiance and indulging in a delicious meal at Turkish Cuisine.

Turkish Cuisine is a short distance from the Mall.  The signage still showed as Turkish Grill.

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