Working at Subway!

It came to me that there are psychological reasons why people don’t do work/study from some locations. I decided to bring my iPad into Subway and see what kind of feelings and thoughts that were generated, that might not be generated if I was working from the office, home, or a classroom

I just had a 6″ Turkey, Bacon, & Avocado sandwich on oat bread. It was good. I ordered a 6″ sandwich, but “mindlessly” watched the girl fix a 12″ sandwich. She asked if I wanted it toasted, to which I said, “No.” So, I watched her pop it in the microwave. She did get all the veggies that I requested correct, and I enjoyed the toasted sandwich. I really don’t need the other 6″ sandwich, but probably will eat it for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

After I was through eating, I rolled up the remaining sandwich and then pulled

iPad & wireless keyboard

out the iPad and wireless keyboard. As you can see I leaned the iPad against the remaining sandwich. I turned the table sideways, which I normally do even if I am not planning on testing out a new technique.

Lazy, Late Afternoon at Subway

It’s now 6:10pm on Thursday. The ceiling fans are lazily rotating as the Subway “guy” is talking to a woman and probably her daughter, as he fixes their sandwich. Some other customers, a family of four is approaching the door. The mother in a pink sleeveless top and shorts, the father, with blonde short hair, and sunglasses perched on top of his head, in khaki “Docker-type” pants.

Well, I see that I can write well. The customers and staff give me fodder for what I am writing about. “He want’s American on the ham, and Provolone on the… the woman tells the “guy”.

It is a relaxing time at Subway. It would be much busier, and probably not conducive to writing, at lunch time.

This test was a success. I am about to push this posting via email to my blog site.


Sent from my iPad

Addendum:  My original posting was without images.  It also went to the wrong blog because I entered the wrong email address.  Once home, I imported the photos from my camera to my iPad, but then found that there was no way to add them from the edit window of the WP interface via the iPad.  iPad also fought me from getting the photos to Flickr.  I eventually sent the images to the WP blog via email, and this morning, at the office, I added the images to my updated blog posting.