Working at Arby’s

Day 2 of testing out my iPad at various locations, where I would normally not be using it.

All American Combo, with curly fries & a drinkI just had an “All American” Combo, with curly fries and a root beer.

Today went fairly quickly. I had to go back home to get some documentation for the SharePoint 2010 training that I went to back the week of May 23rd – May 27th in Cary, NC. After that, we had our weekly Blackboard UNC-G/FSU conference call to rehearse outstanding issues with our system. The problems are growing fewer, but there are still a few problems.

The Blackboard Mobile Building Block is now working. Apparently, it was a firewall issue.
I was successful at using the Bb Mobile app on my Android phone and my iPad this morning.

I have been trying to get back to working on an install of WordPress on my USB stick, but other things keep taking priority. I can’t find my 8GB stick that had a working instance of multi-site WP. I recall it slipping off the counter into a grocery bag of “stuff” and I didn’t reach down to get it then, and now I can’t find it.

Well, the music here isn’t enjoyable.

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Arby's dining area