About the old home place…

Here is the old two story, white house that I grew up in until about the 7th or 8th Grade.  Shown here, it is located on Queens Creek Road, directly across the street from the current Swansboro High School.  Until about the 1970s, the house was located at the corner of Queens Creek Road and Hwy. 24.  Shown below is the Swansboro Burger King.  The old white house was located about where the children’s play area is located, and facing Hwy. 24.  Sitting in the Swansboro Burger KingThe kitchen would have been about where the drive thru is located.

There were several tall old oak trees in theSwansboro Burger King at the corner of Hwy. 24 and Queens Creek Road front yard, which either by rot or other damage were eventually cut down.  There was a Gardenia bush that grew by the front steps.

There was a ditch that ran along the back of the house, just off from the kitchen.  It ran under Queens Creek Road in one direction and angled back to Hwy. 24 in the other.  There was a large vegetable garden about where GoGas is currently located.