Posting Using My Revue & WIFI Keyboard App from My EVO

Okay, I have found that my Logitech Revue System is good for something that I have been waiting for for a long while… in Internet time.  I am using the Chrome browser on my Revue System to connect back to my EVO phone, and am creating this blog posting.

I have been waiting for a Bluetooth driver and keyboard that would allow me to connect to the EVO so that I could take notes.  I tried out the WIFI Keyboard app several months ago and it worked, but I saw no advantage to having to have a PC or laptop run a browser, just so I could connect back to my phone and type on the small screen there.  But, for $99 for the Revue and already having the 32″ HDTV, and the app being free, viola!  This works great.