Orient Garden Restaurant – Durham, NC


This is about the 3rd time that I have eaten at Orient Garden. My friend, Leo Taylor, first introduced me to this restaurant. He lives a short distance from this strip mall. This shopping center is at the corner of Fayetteville (Rd/St) and Hwy 54 (Chapel Hill). It is also only about a quarter mile from The Streets of Southpoint.  *I just checked and according to Google Maps, it is about 6 miles (approx. 11 minutes) from UNC-General Administration Complex to the Orient Garden Restaurant (all on Hwy. 54).

This is probably the second time I have eaten there by myself. I recalled that I had enjoyed a chicken dish with oranges. They had a Spicy Orange Chicken item on the menu. It had orange rind (almost cooked to candy, but not quite), a thick sweet sauce, red hot peppers, and fried, battered chicken (tempura?). I had this with fried rice & hot tea. They have fried wonton crisps that have good flavor and most of these I ate with the egg drop soup.

It is supposed to turn much colder this afternoon, but it was still relatively pleasant outside (about 50 degrees F) when I arrived for lunch at about 11:30 am. I ordered hot tea (green), but after just a few gulps realized that the heat was on in the restaurant, so I had my waitress bring a iced water. She brought a large glass of ice water. I think I finished it with the meal, and did not drink any more hot tea.

The restaurant’s exterior doesn’t reveal how good the food might be inside.

They open at 11am for lunch and the price is currently about $6.56, I think. The dining area is relatively small, but there is a beautiful tiled wall with large dragons rising above a rough sea.