I’m eating at Ryan’s again today.

I’m going eMobile from my EVO.

Addendum:  Yesterday, Monday, January 30th, 2012, I went to eat at Ryan’s.  I probably had not been there since the 17th, when the above picture was taken.  The week of Jan. 23rd – 24th, I was in Ingeniux Training and we, the trainers & Suzanne ate at several different restaurants that week.  So, as I’m turning in to the parking lot of Ryan’s I see that there is only one automobile in the whole area and that is unusually parked next to the wall near the front entrance.  I see a notice on the door, but it is telling a Christian Tours group to meet elsewhere.  There is nothing regarding the closing.

Later, I manage to google and find a notice from a former staff/waitress saying that Ryan’s closed unexpectedly on Jan. 20th, 2012.  That was a Friday, I think.  So, at my last lunch at Ryan’s I took the above picture.

They had good food.  Alot of different things that didn’t change often, but had good flavor.  They had a good desert bar.

NOTE: Found this article regarding the Ryan’s chain filing for bankruptsy and closing some, but not all locations: http://www.salisburypost.com/News/012112-salisbury-ryans-staying-open-qcd