Emile Henry Flame Top 2-2/3-Quart Round Oven, Red

Red Soup TureenI was watching Jacques Pepin fix a soup on television and when I saw the finished product in the red bowl/tureen, I took a picture of it.  I’m not sure what caught my eye, but it was a deep rich red and the soup looked so good bubbling up in it.

Jacques Pepin Cooking a Soup

I googled for red soup bowls, but didn’t find anything that looked like the picture I had.  Finally, I gravitated toward KQED and the web site that had hosted the Pepin cooking show.  I found what appeared to be the episode I had watched and entered a comment asking who might have made the soup bowl shown in the episode.  After posting the comment, I continued to look through the web site and found a Credits link that listed the various vendors that had supported the show.  When I clicked on the Emile Henry link, the first image that appeared was the bright red bowl.  Apparently, they have a line of this Emile Henry Websitecookware (Flame Top) that combines a special clay with other secret ingredients to produce cookware that can go on the stove top, in the oven, and in the microwave & dishwasher and has a 10 year warranty.  They had red, black and blue versions, but, I liked the red.  *I visited Amazon.com and found that I could purchase the oven for about $20 less than buying it directly from the Emile Henry Company.  I ordered it with the free delivery option.  Instead of taking more than a week, I see that the item should be delivered today (only 3 days).  It may be Monday, if they do not leave the package on my doorstep.

ADDENDUM [04/03/12]:  UPS did try to deliver on Friday, but without a signature did not leave the package.  I signed the back of the delivery notice and left it on my door on Monday.  Monday afternoon when I arrived home from work, the box was sitting in front of my door.  It was a rather large box, and I first thought that maybe Amazon had sent me a larger sized pot than I ordered.  As I picked up the box, it was very light and I realized that there was probably packing material around the oven inside.

As I put the box down, I heard a sound that made me think, “Oh, the lid must be broken.”  I then thought, “No, it is probably just jostling around inside.”  As I peeled the flaps of the outer box, I saw the large pockets, bubble wrap which encased a smaller box.  The lid was intact.  As I removed the lid, I saw that the pot was broken… in several pieces.  “Damn, if it isn’t always something.”

Broken Red OvenI removed the inner box.  Strangely, the outer box had no signs of damage.  The inner box appeared to have been punctured from the inside out (although, I guess you could puncture from the outside and while removing the prod, the cardboard would be pulled outward.  Maybe the broken pot had pierced the inner box?

I went online and found the Amazon return policy pages.  I entered my reason for wanting a replacement pot and saw that I could print out return labels for UPS (no charge to me) to return the broken oven.  Amazon would also send out a replacement before actually receiving my return, but would charge my credit card if the return wasn’t received within 30 days.

I plan to package it up today, print out the labels, affix them and take the package to the UPS office (wherever that may be… Hope Mills?).

ADDENDUM:  The replacement package arrived on Thursday (following the Punctured replacement inner box.Monday when the first package arrived) a little before 2pm.  I immediately opened the outer package and then noticed that the inner box (the first one was a solid dark green color), which had pictures of the red oven, was punctured as the first inner box had been.  When I opened the inner box, I saw that the lid and pot were both intact, although I gave them a close inspection to make sure there were no cracks or chips.  But, whatever had punctured the outside of the box had indented part of the inner cardboard.  *I left feedback on Amazon.com letting them know that they should check to see if they have something that is doing this during packaging.

ADDENDUM: I procrastinated for several days before packaging up the return, but got online and found that there was a UPS Store in the Westwood Shopping Center.  I planned on leaving for lunch early, as I didn’t know how long I would have to wait at UPS, and also wanted to go to Red Lobster (It has been many years since I went to one [in Jacksonville, NC, I think] for lunch.

So, I walk in the door at UPS and almost immediately a young man, behind the counter, was asking if he could help me.  I said, “Yes,” but there were a couple of people at the counter being helped by two other clerks, and I was a little quizzical about how I could be helped.  But, as I walked around to the end of the counter, the young man walked around from the back of the counter and took the package as I handed it to him.  He looked at the label and told me the time the package should leave that afternoon.  We both turned our backs to each other as I headed out the door dumbfounded.  I couldn’t believe that I had come in, did what was necessary, and was out the door in 30 seconds (or less).  Wow!  I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had waited 20 minutes or more.

I got an email notice today (04/13/12) that said my return had been received by Amazon.  *I haven’t cooked with the new pot yet.

ADDENDUM-ADDENDUM: (02/24/14)  It took me almost two years before I tried cooking something in this pot.  I went to Hubert/Jacksonville to celebrate Ray, Mary Ann and my birthdays and we went to Longhorn Restaurant on Sunday, January 19, 2014.  While there, I had a delicious French Onion Soup, and I decided to make more when I got home that night.  Coincidentally, I see that the soup that Pepin was fixing was “Onion Soup Lyonnaise-Style”.  Well, it turned out well, but one soup in almost two years seems somewhat underused for the $100+ pot.