The Vogue & the Uptown in Louisville

I hadn’t thought of the Uptown Theatre in many years.  I lived in Louisville from abThe Uptown Theatre (c1979)out August of 1981 until about January of 1983 while attending the Southern Seminary there.  I recall sitting in this giant theatre, counting the seating (which I surmised was at least 900, but later found was 1,100) capacity.  I watched “An American Werewolf in London,” and recall several young children sitting down below me making a running commentary during the movie.  There was one part where they all said, “Don’t open the door.”  To which the actor on the screen, opened the door to hideous Nazi monsters who proceeded to enter the home and machine-gun the entire family.

I don’t recall what movie(s) I may have watched at the Vogue, but do recall once looking up and around the old theatre.  It was obvious that it had been a “showplace” at one time, but the plaster had fallen in several places by the time I was there.