Obama Doesn’t Support the Jews?

Last year I happened to be passing through the CBN Channel and stopped long enough to hear Pat Robertson talking about the “greedy” Arabs who wanted “one little piece of land” that apparently was under Jewish control. I was flabbergasted (sp?) that he could sit there with a straight face and say such a thing… and I’m not pro-Arab or anti-Semitic.

Obama Doesn’t Support the Jews?

If President Obama didn’t support the Jews, would he have nominated the 3rd Jewish Supreme Court Judge? What is that, about 33% of the highest court in the land (America, not Israel) has Jewish representatives. How many Protestant Christians are on the Court? I’ve been told, “none.”

If Jewish Americans are about 2% of the American population, they must comprise most of the Top 2%. It seems that almost all (not all) Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish (Volker, Ben Shalom Bernanke currently.). An extraordinary number of Jews control the entertainment, news media, and Internet (Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg; Spielberg). Jews control the diamond industry. Can you put a diamond ring on your fiance’s or wife’s finger without it passing through Jewish hands? Can you even get a cup of coffee? (Howard Schultz – Starbucks). “What Not to Wear” – Stacey London. When America invaded Iraq in 2003, wasn’t that reporter, Rick Leaventhal riding prominently in the back of one of our Humvees? I’m not of Arab descent, but I got the message “loud and clear” and I’m pretty sure many Arabs did also.

Now, if Jews were poor, illiterate, or not able to afford to have their names put on museums, concert halls, libraries, etc., then I might think “one little piece of land” was a big thing. “Poor Jew?” Yeah, laughing all the way to the bank;-)