I went down to visit Mary Ann & Jim (Sharpe) in Hubert, NC on Friday night.  I stayed over Friday and Saturday night.

On Saturday morning, I got up showered and got out of the house a little after 7 am.  I went to Jacksonville and stopped at Helen’s Kitchen for breakfast.  I had country ham, sGarage at Mary Ann'scrambled eggs, grits and whole wheat toast, with coffee.  *Although “you’re” inside, there were flies (about 3 flitting about my table and food) worrying me during breakfast.

Here is one of the walls at Helen’s Kitchen (Mary Ann later told me that the cafe had been sold and was no longer owned by Helen.).

A Wall at Helen's Kitchen
A Wall at Helen’s Kitchen

After breakfast, I headed up Hwy. 17 toward Maysville, and then on to New Bern.  I was listening to some of the short audio podcasts from “Italianpod 101”, which are various lessons to learn Italian.  It was a sunny, beautiful spring, Saturday morning.  “Non c’è male!”

I think it was a little after 9 am when I got onto Hwy. 70 East, in New Bern, which heads to either Havelock/Morehead City, or up to Washington, NC.  A short New Bern Tobacco Shop on Hwy. 70distance on Hwy. 70 and I turned around to go to a tobacco shop that I’ve visited several times through the past several years.  They have a cheap “Ramrod” cigar that I like (although I do not smoke one often).  I say cheap because the first pair (they are sold in pairs, and are long and thin, and have a gentle corkscrew shape) that I bought were $2 and some change.  They are now $6 and some change, but that is still a cheap cigar.  *They have a bourbon (I thought it was rum.)  flavored tip.  The “Ramrod” cigars are on the second row, second from the right, shown in the picture below:

Ramrod Cigars at Tobacco Shop in New Bern
Ramrod Cigars at Tobacco Shop in New Bern

I bought 4 incense sticks (25 cents each) on a whim, and put these along with the cigars in my car pocket, which is where they still are located.

As I left the tobacco shop, I took the ramp to cross the new bridge (Hwy. 17 going North to “Little Washington”.  Somewhere near here, I realized that I had forgotten to take my Metformin tablet after breakfast.  After crossing the Bridgeton Round Housebridge, I turned left into Bridgeton, drove around a neat little “round” house, and stopped at Hardees to buy unsweetened iced tea (They have a $1 special for drink/tea.).  *I walked inside, because I prefer that to ordering at the drive-thru.  They had packets of Splenda (or was that Equal?), so I got several of those for my tea.

I walked back to my car, got a tablet from the rear seat, and sat down to fix my tea.  I had saved a little country ham from breakfast, and put it between two half-slices of wheat toast.  I hadn’t planned on eating it so soon, but needed to eat something before taking the Metformin.  Metformin will “tear you up” (upset your stomach), if you eat it without food.  I ate the ham sandwich, and downed the pill with some sweetened tea.

I headed back across the new bridge, turning to go across the draw bridge into old downtown New Bern.  I didn’t think I had time to go into downtown so I headed to old 17, around the circle, and headed back toward Jacksonville.

Mary Ann had told me she had a 10 am “beauty shop” appointment, and I wanted to get back to her house before she did.  It ended up that her appointment had been postponed until 1 pm, and she was still at home when I arrived a little after 10 am.

Mary Ann went to her beauty appointment, and when she came back around 3 pm, we drove down to Morehead City to go to Belks to shop.  I wasn’t actually thinking about shopping, but after getting there and roaming over to the Men’s section, I bought 4 new, brightly colored Saddlebred shirts (2X size), a 40 inches reversible (brown/black) belt, and later bought two pairs of shoes.  I bought a pair of brown, leather Hush Puppy sandals (earth shoe type with no heel) and a brown pair of Rockport loafers.  These are probably the first shoes in years that I have bought that didn’t have shoe laces.  Both have been comfortable to wear, and I wore the Rockports out of the store.

Belks in Morehead City
Belks in Morehead City

After we left Belks, we headed back toward home on Hwy. 24.  I had seen a used

Pontoon Boat 4 Sale

pontoon boat for sale on our way to Morehead City, and when we came to it on

our return trip, I asked Mary Ann to drive up to it.  I hopped out of her SUV and took a few pictures.

We stopped at the Bogue House Restaurant for dinner.  Mary Ann had oysters, I think, and I had a barbecue plate, with slaw, Brunswick stew, hush puppies and water to drink.  I had only been here once before with Mary Ann, and did not especially like their seafood.  *I think they had the tomato based clam chowder, which I don’t especially like.  But, everything was exceptionally good this time.  The barbecue was delicious.  The slaw sweet (maybe too much so for a diabetic.), the stew good, and the hush puppies (yes, I ate all 4) hot and well flavored.

Bogue House is a small “hole in the wall” diner which may seat 45 people uncomfortably.  Everything filled up quickly while Mary Ann and I were there.

I forgot to take my Metformin after dinner (mainly because I hadn’t thought to bring one with me on our excursion).  *Sunday morning is one of the two days that I test my blood sugar level.  123, which is the highest I’ve tested at since getting my Accu-Check Aviva meter.  **Surprisingly, when I weighed this morning, I was 253.6 lbs., which is the least I have been in probably 8 years.  It is also the first time I have broken the 254 lbs. mark that I set, when starting my second 5 weeks session for losing 10 lbs.    This weight loss session started the Thursday that I had my colonoscopy, and that was the day that I ate so much that I gained 5 or 6 lbs. by the next day.