The Message I’ve Tried to Send to President Obama

I am one of the North Carolinians that voted in favor of the Marriage Amendment. I really did not want to vote for Mitt Romney in November, but I now have two overwhelming differences with where you stand, and would lead the Country: You haven’t done anything about Illegal Aliens inundating our country and being a drain on our economy in a time when we don’t need anything else taking away from what we have earned. We have to hire Spanish teachers and provide interpreters for Hispanics because they are a growing population. But, from what I have heard 40% of Hispanics in America are illegal. Go Arizona! And any other state that will follow their lead.

Gay marriage? Can’t support it. Won’t support it! Won’t vote for a President that supports it. I hope the 61% of North Carolinians that voted for the Marriage Amendment will vote for Mitt Romney (or whomever is the Republican candidate).