2012, A Mini-Memorial-Day-Weekend-Vacation – Part 2

The next little town I visited had its own personality. This was Branchville, SC. Train Depot MuseumThe old train depot houses a train museum. It was obvious that there had been a lot of work put into making this a show piece. I took several pictures, rode through town noting a Dairy ??? Bar, and new construction, and stopped briefly beside the road to start the upload of the recently taken pictures. I became aware that there was some traffic on this side road which apparently led to the local landfill. Well, two vehicles pulling up to the Stop sign within a few minutes connotes traffic congestion in a small town.

Purple House in Branchville, SCAs I left Branchville, my eyes found a beautiful old renovated light purple home. I did have to round the block to take a few pictures just so I would know, “Yes, it was a purple house.”

I do not recall the exact name of the next town I passed through, although I could google, or look on a map and determine which one it was. The name was something like Rowesville, and what captured my attention was a sign for the Rowesville Bridge Landing (which apparently, from the color of the sign, was a State boat landing). I whipped my car around and headed down this incredibly straight, unpopulated road. Roads tend to be straighter for longer distances where there is little population. I guess people make road builders “go around” their important property rather than straight through it.

The longer I travelled down this road, the more that I thought it would surely end at the river (or lake) and I would have to back track. I eventually crossed a small bridge and there did appear to be a one lane dirt ramp beside it where a pickup truck was parked. I guessed that some landings are more prominent than others.

Not too long afterward the road came to a T, and I turned right heading (as I guessed correctly) toward Orangeburg.

I had been through Orangeburg probably a couple of times. Hwy. 301 travels through the town and there is a “black” institution of higher learning, Clafin, located there.

I drove through the old part of town and pulled off to google for the nearest BI-LO grocery which happened to only be .4 of a mile from my current location, and also just right of where I had passed through a short time ago (if I had looked more closely).

There were black and white customers going into and out of the BI-LO and I walked into a very vibrant store with a wonderful produce section. I bought some small sweet multi-colored peppers, a box of shredded wheat, and some NC blueberries. When I came to the checkout counter, the woman directly in front of me was also buying some of the same brand of sweet peppers. I told her that I had bought some previously and they were very good.

Orangeburg, SC McDonaldsI’m not sure why I took a picture of this McDonalds in Orangeburg, but here it is.

I then drove back to Santee noting that gas prices at a couple of locations were down to $3.19 a gallon.