Jason’s deli – Fayetteville, NC

I ate at Jason’s deli at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NC yesterday for the first time. I ate there again today and the experience was perfect for me.

Jason's deli logo through bad glassesI got online yesterday looking for a new “healthy” place to eat lunch in Fayetteville. There is a dearth of healthy eating establishments in Fayetteville. I happened to look at Jason’s web site and perused the menu. They had an “Eat Lite, Here” section than included a “Mediterranean Wrap” which was only 320 calories (not counting the side – which I ordered the steamed veggies | includes broccoli, carrots and squash, which I guess is only about another 50 calories). This sandwich includes turkey breast, roasted red pepper, hummus, cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives, roma tomatoes, and organic field greens [I did see a spinach leaf in the greens.]. The sandwich was good, and plenty. Cut in two halves held together with toothpicks.

There was a good sized lunch crowd which appeared to be a mix of young Army families, some soldiers in cammies, and assorted business dress clad men and women, with a few retiree types sprinkled about. There is a little courtyard to eat in just outside, if you choose.

I did not look closely at the salad bar, but it did appear to have a fresh assortment, including a good looking couscous (which I’m not overly fond of… but, I wasn’t that fond of hummus until recently when I made the best I’ve ever had at home). They have a drink section, but I only get water with ice, and a soft serve ice cream (may be yogurt) dispenser. In my two visits, I’ve seen quite a few customers walking away with this dessert.

So, I decided to return today for my second visit (two days in a row). I wanted the same thing I had yesterday, but I had a plan on how to spiff it up to put it over the top for me.

I stopped by my apartment at lunch time and whipped up about a tablespoon of my curried mayonnaise (with capers) mixture and tore off several strips of Rubbermaid Small Storage Containerroasted red pepper (Mt. Olive Pickles version) and put both in a single Rubbermaid container (one of those smallest ones). *I’ve become comfortable with carrying one of these containers into Mi Casita filled with some hot Chipotle pepper salsa (to add to the their unoffensively bland house salsa) and often some chopped Vidalia onion to spread about.

I walked in and put my container down at the cash register and the clerk asked how she could help me. I asked for the Mediterranean Wrap with steamed veggies and water to drink. The process was quick and the amount, with tax currently comes to $7.01. I had a quarter yesterday, and a nickel for change today.

They give you a receipt and a large white number on a red card. You put the card in one of the little holders that sit high on each table. I went to get my water, and a plastic spoon. I actually had to return for napkins and a knife (silverware).

Eventually, I sat down and proceeded to unwrap one half of the sandwich, and put about half of the roasted red peppers and curried mayo mixture on it, and pulled the wrap together again and proceeded to chow down. When I began to taste the curry and the red peppers, I knew that I had chosen the perfect addition to make this sandwich memorable, and often repeatable for me.

Yesterday the steamed veggies only included baby carrots and broccoli. Today, there was some strips of steamed squash included. All of the veggies were delicious.

Jason's deli at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NCOkay, so if I can lose another pound by only eating about 500 calories for lunch (and being full till my mid-afternoon snack or dinner), then Jason’s deli gets put into my dining rotation.

Golden Corral one or two days a week, Jason’s one or two days a week, and Red Lobster about once a week for the blackened catfish & wild rice help break the monotony of eating at just one place every day.