A Citrusy Salad Dressing

I haven’t googled to see if someone has already created a salad dressing with the following ingredients, but it’s possible:

Orange Oil

Avocado Oil

White Balsamic Vinegar

Lime Juice

Stevia (sweetner)

I had bought the Avocado oil some time ago at Whole Foods, and about a month ago bought the Orange Oil and a spray bottle of white balsamic vinegar at A Southern Season in Chapel Hill. The first time I tried the orange oil, I thought it might go well with a salad. *Not sure if I can use these ingredients with a spritzer bottle, but it’s likely.

I mixed the ingredients together, in a small quantity, not having too much oil or vinegar. When I shook up the mixture and tasted it, it was wonderful.

I went to Golden Corral and fixed a simple salad of: white meat chicken, mixed greens, sweet onion, bell pepper, cucumber, dried cranberries, chopped nuts (pecans) and added some Mandarin oranges on the side. The dressing would have done well even without the Mandarin orange slices, but worked well. It is light in flavor, but distinctly citrusy.

I have some mangoes, and avocados which would probably work well to enhance the flavors.