Part 2: When I Got Up That Morning I Hadn’t Planned On Moving!

[In Part II, I’ll let you know how wonderful it is to wake up each morning in my new apartment. My “good deal” with Time Warner Cable after asking for one for a couple of years. My Laz-Y-Boy furniture order, etc. It is so good to be in my new place! Thank God!!!]

The year started off horribly! At the end of December 2011, something physically wrong had happened to me. In February, 2012, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Sloan prescribed Metformin (one pill, twice a day/food) and checking my blood sugar twice a week (not day). I have changed my eating habits and have continued to lose about 2 lbs. a week, and the symptoms that had presented themselves (urination, blurred vision, etc.) have gone away. I’m down about 50 lbs. since the start of the year. I weighed 235.0 lbs. this morning. * I am not starving myself. I do pay close attention to what I eat, so that my calorie count stays usually below 2,200 calories/day, and the nutritional value of the food (plus a couple of vitamin/calcium supplements) helps me meet or exceed most daily requirements.

I mention the horrible start to the year, just to highlight what a turn-around has occurred. I have been feeling really good since the weight has started coming off. I’ve even dropped several pants sizes since the Size 44 on January 1st. I have a couple of pairs of 38 pants, and a couple of pairs of 38 shorts. My new belts are almost getting to the point that I can’t add another hole (which I’ve done several times on a couple of the belts). I’ve thrown away most of the size 44 pants, because they fall off of me, and if I synch a 40 inch waist belt around them, the waist of the pants flops over the belt hiding it.

So, not getting my air conditioning fixed at my old apartment, for over a month until the hot summer weather has become the norm (with even several days of exceptionally hot 100+ degrees weather), has turned into a blessing. Not that I consider that acceptable practice to have been done to someone that was a loyal customer (tenant) for 15 years. It’s not even acceptable if the tenant has only been there a month. *But, it was motivation for me to go looking elsewhere and I was directed (by God) to a much better place. It is truly light night and day. Like coming out of a dark dream and I ask myself, “Why did you stay there so long.”

I feel much better about myself and little things, like not constantly biting my fingernails is a by-product. I don’t know how to trim them properly, but the little white edges near the finger tips are getting deeper. I am not sleeping as much either, but feel surprisingly rested. I might go to bed about 11:30 pm, and wake up around 5 am and just go ahead and get up. I love running the dishwasher. Those old glasses, and some old bottles, and the Mr. Peanut decanter, all came out so bright and shiny that I was in awe of how good they all looked.

I’ve been to the State Farmers’ Market in Raleigh several weekends, and have been eating loads of tomatoes, corn on the cob, okra (just this last week), sweet peaches, cantaloupe, etc. And from Compare Foods across town have gotten some golden colored mangoes, avocadoes, and limes. *About a month ago, I got my first few golden mangoes, and got a recipe online for an avocado, mango, pineapple & chipotle pepper (with lime juice, instead of lemon juice). I thought it unusual the first time I tried it. I liked it better the second time I made it, and by the third time, I was in love with the flavors. Mangoes are odd to peel and cut up. These golden mangoes have a large oval, but almost flat seed pod which is minorly difficult to cut around.

I get up in the middle of the night and thank God for being in this new place. I wake up as the sun is coming up (although the bedroom window and sliding glass door face West and close to McCloskey Road, but with a nice hedge and the apartment below street level), and either look out the bedroom blinds, or go into the living room and open the blinds to the glass door slightly and look out. Just that little bit of scenery, the hedge and pine tree tops above it are so comforting. I look forward to having a cup of hot coffee or tea while sitting out on the little veranda (yea, probably 4 x 8 feet, if that large) just off of the living room when it turns cooler.

It took me a week before I figured out that the bathroom floor wasn’t actually tile. It’s just linoleum, or whatever they call it now days. But, the pattern of the fake tiles is just large enough that it is not immediately noticeable that it is a repeated pattern.

The apartment was originally set up to be handicap accessible, so the shower/tub has all these snuggly secured hand rails at various heights. The water is hot if I want it to be and there is a steady stream of it. Sponge Bob (Roberto) and I are happy taking our showers together. Chao Roberto! Apresto.

A couple of years ago (I think it has been that long.), I downgraded my Timer Warner Cable services from Basic to Broadcast Quality (several hundred channels down to 25 or so), with high speed Internet. I eventually found Netflix, and have been very happy with them. Taking my Logitech Revue system with me when I travel has made this one of the best $99 investments that I have made. I can hook the Revue up to the motel’s HDTV with an HDMI cable, and with good WIFI bandwidth start surfing the Web, or watching a Netflix video without a hiccup. *I made a quick trip to Hickory, and stayed at a Motel 6, which had formerly been a Sleep Inn. This was an extremely comfortable room for me and an exceptional price. $44 or so for a one night’s stay. The room isn’t large, and has only a shower (no tub). It had an HDTV, with 720 dpi, but good WIFI bandwidth. The bed was comfortable, and the air conditioning very good. I enjoyed my stay, and have booked another night for a couple of weeks from now when I go up for the free technology conference at ASU in Boone.

About 6 months ago, or so, I realized that I was tired of the 25 channels of Broadcast Cable and would like to get the over 200 channels back again. So I checked and the price wasn’t right. I asked for a deal when they called, but they never called back, or couldn’t meet the price. So, with the latest move, I decided to take my box back to Time Warner and do without TV or even Internet (except for 3G on the EVO phone) for a while. Sierra, the rental rep at Longhill Pointe had mentioned that she had switched from Dish TV back to Time Warner recently and got a $79 deal which included DVR on two boxes, High Speed Internet, and phone. When I took my box (it wasn’t a box, it was only the modem for Internet) back to the TWC office, at lunch time, I asked the clerk if she could give me a deal so that I would stay with them. She took a while making her calculations and then said, “We can give you Basic Cable and High Speed Internet (w/o phone – which I don’t need) for $118 a month. I paused about 3 seconds and said, “That’s not much of a deal. Let’s end my contract.” She apparently didn’t hear me say let’s end the contract, but I repeated it later when I realized she need to hear it again.

My visit to TWC was on Monday, and what happens? On Tuesday, on my way to Compare Foods (for mangoes), I get a call from another TWC department. He wants to keep me as a customer and comes up with a good deal. I ask him why they didn’t make this offer the day before while I was still at their office. He says that there are several departments and that he can make the deal that she might not be able to. So, for $69 a month, plus $5 more for High Speed Interent, I get a DVR and two cable boxes, and Internet. *It will cost me $4.95 to go pick up the boxes at the TWC office, or they will deliver them for free if a cable installer comes out to my place. Okay, bring it out to me.

We arrange for a 6-8 pm installation window on Wednesday. I’m at my apartment before 6pm with phone in hand for most of the two hours. No installer comes by. No installer calls. I google and see that this is not an isolated problem. I’m not going to call them. *The next morning, at work, I get a call from a TWC rep. She says I see you missed your appointment. I say, “No. I was there, and I never got a call.” We rescheduled for Saturday afternoon from 4-6 pm. That time was going to mess up my day, keeping me close to Fayetteville. But, just after I left the Rainbow Restaurant on Saturday morning, about 7:26 am, I get a call while I’m in my car. It is a TWC rep asking if they can install my equipment earlier in the day. I say, “Sure. How soon? Right now?” He says he can have someone out in about 30 minutes (I think.), and I say, Okay, I’m turning around and heading back to my apartment.

Steven, a personable, professional, comes to my door later and does a great job of getting my cable and Internet installed. DVR, Wow!!! I can record shows. I’ve never had that, except for recording to a DVD. It’s great!

I guess I’ll have to tell you about Laz-Y-Boy in Part 3. {Tomorrow is July 4th, and I’m heading down to Jim and Mary Ann’s this afternoon.]