Road Gourmet

Back at the end of May, I was making a mini-vacation tour which took me through Lincolnton, Hickory and back up through Salisbury and onto Fayetteville. This was just before it became apparent that I would need to move from my apartment of 15 years residence.

I left Hickory and as I drove down to Lincolnton, I proceeded to stop at various grocery stores along the way. I wasn’t particular. It could be a Food Lion, IGA, Harris Teeter or any other that presented itself. I had a game plan. I was going to make my Avocado, Mango, Pineapple, and Chipotle Salsa for lunch. I had my pocket knife to slice up the avocado, and mango if necessary. I stopped at either a Dollar Tree or Dollar General store to get a couple of plastic containers. One container to make the salsa and one to store the left over avocado, etc. I don’t recall, but I must have had a plastic fork or spoon from some fast food visit.

The canned pineapple was easy to find as was the chipotle peppers and then the avocado, but fresh mangoes were not easy to find along the way. I think it was at a Food Lion in Lincolnton that I found a jar of sliced mangoes. *As I recall, I also saw a very attractive young woman there also. Shopping with her mother on Father’s Day getting a last minute card for dad.

I left Lincolnton and headed up toward Salisbury. My game plan was to stop at a State rest area along the way, and fix my lunch, and then head on to Salisbury where I would surprise Jaime & Danny and Mary Ann (who was supposed to have surprised them with her visit also). *When I got to Salisbury, I found Jaime’s house, but no one was there. I was to learn that they had all changed their plans and Mary Ann was back in Hubert already, and Danny working, and Jaime & Si doing missionary work at a hospital.

Just after crossing a branch of Lake Norman (I think?.) I saw a State boat ramp and parking area. I turned in there and found a partially shaded space to park, away from the boat traffic to/from the ramp. I got all my ingredients out and proceeded to prepare them. Here is what it looked like. Very good, and relatively easy to prepare “on the road”. *It would have been nice to have an ice chest to store the left overs, but nothing spoiled afterward.