Major Crimes – Season #1 Episode #10 Hmmmn…

I haven’t watched a full episode of “Major Crimes” yet, maybe. At least, I don’t recall watching a whole episode. I started to watch the “Long Shot” episode last night, but put it to DVR before it was half over.

My ears perked up when part of the dialogue led me to realize that like the drug cartels, I was in favor of Marijuana not being legalized, and therefore I was glad the sniper “got the Judge.” Hmmm… sort of like trying to figure out who to cast my ballot for President this year. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. “Oh, Shit. It’s Mitt” should be on a bumper sticker. It would express the mixed emotions regarding having to choose a candidate that you really wouldn’t vote for if he wasn’t running against his opponent, whom has made decisions that you like even less.

Can I be against legalizing marijuana and against the drug cartels too? And unless there is another good reason, also against snuffing a Judge?

And then the witness to the sniper’s actions is a young “illegal alien”, who’s father (also illegal in this country) is killed by the sniper… I haven’t finished viewing the episode yet. I figure the kid gets away. Maybe this is modern day justice. There was always a moral twist in the movies and TV episodes when I was growing up. I don’t care if the wife had really good reasons for killing her cheating, wife beating, dog kicking husband, she still had to go to jail and suffer. Or, if she was adulterous, but in every other way like Mother Theresa, she still was killed off in the end as an act of Just Rewards.

So, having not finished watching the episode yet, I can still guess that the son (witness) will manage to escape the sniper’s wrath. The sniper will “buy it.” And, maybe as a modern day act, the son will be allowed to remain in the country even though at least one officer knows he is here illegally. After all, his hard working, former Juarez police officer, father is dead. Hey, if you had stayed in Juarez (sp?) at least this sniper wouldn’t have killed you. You might have eeked out a miserably poor existence. My “old school” mentality still says, the kid should still be deported, even if he has been written in as a hard working, law abiding (well except for crossing the Border illegally… driving without insurance… and that perverted thing he does with dogs) citizen.