My First Post Using Gmail from a Chrome OS Lime Laptop

Not sure how I got the link or info that there was a new Chromebook available for only $249, but it was easy enough to find that there were several retailers offering this deal… and ALL were out of stock (just a few days after the original sale started). I looked at the Google Chromebook site and then googled for more info regarding the new item. I finally found a site that had a good review, and then went back to and put in a back order (with additional 2 year service contract) for one of the new Chromebooks… coming to around $325. Wow! The service contract was shipped almost immediately;-)

I then went out and started researching the Chrome OS, and found that there were versions that you could run from a 4 GB USB stick. I had a Dell Latitude D630 laptop and so I tried downloading and using the "Vanilla" version, but the touchpad/mouse did not work. I then downloaded, and installed the "Lime" version on the laptop, and things went much better. It loaded, and the mouse worked, although the "tap" for Enter key didn’t work. I found that the left-mouse button worked for Enter, instead of the right-mouse button. A Javascript mp3 audio player didn’t work properly on a web page. Trying to view a Word document from Blackboard led to the suggestion, by the Chrome browser, that I convert it to a Web friendly version (Google Docs). Trying to view a PDF document, lead to the same suggestion. *I sure hope that the official Chrome OS on the new Chromebook doesn’t try to make me jump through these hoops!

**The Chrome OS Lime worked well on my laptop. It was fast enough, but then what is is really doing but serving web pages.

***I started to think about using the Chrome OS on campus as a way to use old hardware as a cheap way for Internet access, and basic productivity. I added the Citrix Receiver to my system, and it loaded partly, but then when I clicked on the various apps for my institution, there was a Citrix Server error message.

So, I added the "Gmail Offline" app and am using it to compose this posting. As long as you could type notes, even if you are not connected to the Internet, while in class, then this could be a useful Higher Ed setup.

I see that the Cool Teachers, Barbara Schroeder & Chris Haskell (now Doctor Haskell), are back and have posted their first podcast in about a year. They are now going mostly "audio only" in order to stay on schedule, and the first podcast was about 16 minutes long. *Good to have them back!