From in front of Lowe’s HIW in Fayetteville

I’ve ran a test post using Gmail Offline from my Dell Laptop running Chrome OS Lime earlier, but today is the real test. I am sitting in my car outside of Lowe’s and I am disconnected from any WIFI connection. I am using the Gmail Offline app to type up this email posting and then plan to connect to Lowe’s WIFI and have it post to my WordPress site. I found that although I had installed Gmail Offline on the old laptop (probably writes to the USB stick), and the icon for GO appeared on my new Chromebook, because I hadn’t actually opened GO on the new system, it hadn’t written any files or emails to the local system. I had to establish a connection first, and have GO download a first set of Gmail emails locally before I could use it while offline on the new Chromebook.

Okay, I also just took a picture of myself with the Chromebook camera (while offline) and have attached it to this email. It should appear in the WordPress posting along with this text.