My New Chromebook

I ordered my new Chromebook a couple of weeks ago at  It was on back order and arrived yesterday, but I couldn’t get it from my rental office until this morning.  It’s nice!  It is silver, and lightweight, and Chrome starts quickly.  **It’s only a browser so with a good connection, it should load most things quickly.  ***Boy, when I think of how long it takes my office PC to boot in the morning, I will be through several emails via the Chromebook before I get to Outlook on the PC.

We have a good WIFI connection here (ITTS @FSU) and YouTube videos had no problem playing easily (today).  Some Flash has played without a problem, and others did not display at all…

Sorry, I had an idea and went to play and now I don’t remember where I was going in the previous paragraph.  Will write more later and will use the Chromebook to do it.

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